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Well-draining soil also means food washes out quickly: Every time you water.

After much messing about with my mini Lemon (which Im now suspecting is actually a limequat) which has terrible leaf drop in winter.

1) it doesn't like warm (radiator) 20C and 15C drafts, dry air in my front window, west facing.

You do need to worry about the spider silk.

2) It doesn't mind my cool porch 10C max, no heating, no drafts, west facing. 3) it doesn't mind outside in the cold. Jan 07, Potted citrus trees will drop start to drop their leaves if they are in need of fertilizing–but it’s usually not an instant mass exodus.

Finally, it could have a disease or mold {lime trees will show their displeasure by dropping their leaves, which makes narrowing down the issue a little trickier}.Reviews: Jul 01, Uneven watering – While lime tree fruit drop is normal most of the time, there are a few problems that may cause lime tree blossoms or fruit to fall. One of these is uneven watering. If your lime tree has had a prolonged period of dryness followed by a sudden drenching, the tree may be stressed and will drop some or all of its fruit an bushgrinding.clubted Reading Time: 2 mins.

Less water?

Jul 18, The leaves may turn a dull green or dry out and crisp from the tip downward if the tree is being under watered. However, you shouldn’t leave a potted lime tree in standing water at all times either since the tree likes it a little bit dry. Instead, remember to water them deeply once or twice a week. Jan 14, Improper watering or poor soil drainage around the Key lime's roots can contribute to a lime tree losing leaves.

Over-watering is a common cause of Key lime leaf yellowing and drop. Leaves later curl, dry out and then drop. Lesions on twigs girdle the stems, causing twig and branch dieback. Infected areas of the tree may be covered with a reddish brown scab, and small black. Jul 24, Continue growing a smaller lime tree purchased online or in a store or; Start from zero and plant from the seed; The choice is all yours.

If you decide to go with a tree, choose the dwarf lime tree because it’s suited for growing in a pot and it won’t grow high, which is perfect if you’re opting to know how to grow a lime tree indoors. On the other hand, growing a lime tree from the.

Paint the trees with a mixture of one part white flat latex paint and one part water or use a commercial tree wrap.

Water lime trees once or twice a week during the growing season so the soil stays moist to a depth of 6 inches beneath the surface. It’s better to water deeply less frequently. Signs of overwatering include cupped, drooping leaves.

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