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In this case, remove the affected leaves and re-pot your tree.

Sep 18, But if you’ve noticed your fig leaves dropping a little early, it may be a sign of the fungal disease Fig Rust (Cerotelium fici). Figs are a great fruit tree for the north Florida home garden. Not only do they provide a tasty reward (if you can keep the birds and squirrels away), but they are fairly easy to maintain and are bothered by relatively few pests and bushgrinding.clubted Reading Time: 3 mins. May 18, Since many pesticides kill all insects, beneficial or not, make sure not to use pesticides so that you do not inadvertently kill the pollinating insects for the fig tree.

Disease Causes Dropping Figs. Fig tree diseases such as fig mosaic, leaf spot, and pink limb blight may cause dropping figs as well. Making sure that the tree receives proper watering, fertilizing, and general care will help keep the tree healthy and will help prevent disease and the fig Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins. May 21, The most common causes of fig tree leaf drop include: Slow moving will help prevent shock and keep the leaves on your fig, where they bushgrinding.cluber Watering – Watering some plants is trickier than others and this is doubly true for overwatering and underwatering can result in fig tree leaf drop.

Click to see complete answer. Correspondingly, why is my indoor fig tree d. The fig tree is susceptible to two pests -- the Pacific spider mite and the two-spotted spider mite -- that might also cause green leaves to drop from the tree. The mites usually begin feeding in. The third and very common cause of a fiddle leaf fig dropping leaves is due to root rot, often stemming from a combination of too much water and not enough light.

The telltale sign in this situation is brown or black spots on the leaves. If your plant has dropped spotted leaves, take a look at your drainage and lighting situation bushgrinding.clubted Reading Time: 6 mins. Mar 15, It’s normal for a fiddle leaf fig to lose a couple of leaves at the bottom but excessive leaf dropping is not normal.

If your fig tree is losing leaves, evaluate all the possible causes. First, bear in mind that this tree doesn’t like change. After buying your tree and moving it to your. Greek Fig Trees.

Mulching also keeps down weeds that compete with the tree for water and soil nutrients.

budbackeast. 9 years ago. I live near Tarpon Springs, FL, a Greek community. Some of my Greek customers have allowed me to take cuttings from their fig trees.

It lost about 5 or 6 leaves at first probably from shock, and then it was doing pretty well.

I have no idea what varieties these are, but two of my healthy potted trees are white and two are black. All are from Greek original imported trees, or so I am told. Figs will give you fruit twice a year in Florida. When to prune a fig tree in Florida. The fig is a deciduous tree. This means that it loses its leaves every year. This is normally during the winter time and this is also the best to prune your fig tree.

Figs don’t like heavy pruning. May 27, Using mulch will help retain soil moisture. It will also deter root-knot nematodes; this pest is a major threat to fig production in Florida. Fig rust disease can also be a problem. Since the fruit forms on terminals of wood from the year before, prune your fig only to maintain the preferred size.

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