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To widen crotches, use spacers, sometimes called spreaders, or simply bend.

Jun 27, Your goal in pruning Dogwood shrubs, such as the red and yellow twigged dogwoods, is to remove old stems that have lost their brilliance that will be replaced by new, brightly colored stems.

Since the younger branches bear the brightest color, that is precisely the growth you want to encourage. Jun 26, Therefore, the best time to prune a dogwood tree is in late fall and winter while the tree is dormant. Dogwood Tree Pruning Info Dogwood trees have a naturally attractive shape and don’t require routine pruning, but there are some circumstances where pruning and trimming dogwood trees becomes bushgrinding.clubted Reading Time: 3 mins. Jun 25, Like many flowering trees and shrubs, the best time to prune a dogwood tree is when the tree is dormant.

For the dogwood tree, this is in the late fall and winter. However, as we mentioned, there are two types of pruning: completely removing dead or diseased limbs to keep the tree healthy or trimming old blooms to promote new growth and bushgrinding.clubted Reading Time: 10 mins.

Sep 26, Prune away old, twiggy stems. Some dogwood varieties, particularly the shrubby types, are valued mostly for the colorful bark that grows on new stems. You can either cut back the old stems on these dogwoods or cut them down completely%(8).

Jun 25, Some trees, including birch, maple, dogwood, elm, walnut, and yellowwood exude an excessive amount of sap (referred to as mr falls tree service, Hingham MA from pruning wounds made in late winter or early spring. This is not harmful to the tree, however, it can be avoided by pruning such trees in late fall/early winter (November-December) or after new spring growth is.

Pruning them about six weeks before the leaves drop from the tree also tends to be best practice. Furthermore, remember to prune trunk sprouts as well during the fall season. Please note that if you do end up pruning your trees during late winter, flowering dogwood trees may bleed sap. This is why pruning them before this time is ideal. Mar 24, Pruning for better air circulation may help. Pruning of dogwoods can be done in late fall/early winter (November-December) or after the trees are finished flowering in the spring.

If disease symptoms are severe, especially on young trees, spraying a fungicide labeled for this disease on dogwood is an option.

Pruning dogwood shrubs in the fall is not advised. This will encourage new growth that will not have enough time to harden off for the freezing winter temperatures. It is better to just wait a couple of months until the shrub looses all of it’s leaves in the winter months. The ideal time to prune is late winter.

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