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Never leave lone or clustered stubs.

Properly pruning you crape myrtle will maximize blooms, promote new growth and give your plant a great shape. Pruning is done in winter when the plant is dormant, between the months of December and February. Each plant is different. Below we have provided.

Most professional lawn care services and homeowners who know what they are doing will prune these off.

Dec 10, Your pruning is done in winter when the Crape Myrtle is dormant, between the months of December and February. The good news is that super aggressive pruning that you might have seen around town is not actually needed to get a beautiful, healthy plant.

Picture Picture Picture. But that's just part of the story. You need to know about “Crape Murder"Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins. Jun 14, While pruning crepe myrtle trees is good for helping to keep the tree shaped like you would like it to be, it is not normally necessary to the health of the tree. Prune crepe myrtle trees when you wish to shape them or if you find the branches are too close together for your taste, but for the most part, you do not need to prune crepe myrtle trees.

Dec 15, February to March Late winter or early spring, after the last frost, is usually the time to do any major pruning of crape myrtles. The plants are dormant in. Jun 09, June signals the start of crape myrtle’s blooming season, although it may begin a few weeks before or after the start of summer.

The only pruning you should do.

However, most modern cultivars of crepe myrtle are disease resistant, and so this is not an issue, and the thinning out of twigs is no longer recommended as essential.

Mar 16, 5) Watch for Crape Myrtle Asian Bark Scale, it turns the trunks completely black and must be treated systemically and topically. Severe pruning seems to attract these sucking insects. 6) Pruning should only be done when trees are young to shape the tree by removing crossing and rubbing branches and dead wood.

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